ui UrbanPulse Grafik WEB 2020

Our solutions are based on an open urban platform for numerous innovative services.

Our approach is to free these single domains from their isolation, connect them and through their INTEGRATION, enable new services and business models.
Cities may freely dispose great amounts of information, which – reasonably used – can create benefits for society.

UrbanPulse is the heart of [ui!]'s integrated smart city and pulls together the different data streams with the [ui!] CONNECTOR and converts the signals so they may be compared and used to run both current and predictive analyses. [ui!] CONNECTOR integrates public as well as private sector infrastructure, in order to provide new possibilities for applications free of charge or chargeable.

Due to its interface architecture, UrbanPulse compiles various data sources in real time, which are already collected and used in different city locations. For instance detector data from traffic lights or measuring of emissions. The data is pre-processed and made available for subsequent applications and services through integrated components.

This way in-house and third party applications can, independently of their origin and technical interface, use the available data and apply it for innovative services.

Our Solutions