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Traffic information in real time at a glance.

trafficAll cities lament an increased volume of traffic, which occurs mostly during rush hour and on neuralgic roads. A few minutes difference can make a significant change in traffic. Data from light signal systems and further urban sensors provide up-to-date traffic information to all road users.

[ui!] TRAFFIC provides your city with a rapid and low cost integration platform with existing traffic management systems and combines and integrates data from the traffic management system with information on construction sites and other traffic obstructions and thus provides an up-to-date, transparent city traffic situation, which allows to manage individual trips.

It enables the integration of data sources, both from public authorities and private sector, that:

makes traffic data consumable and real-time, generating revenue
improves journey times & reduce congestion
provides better parking service
provides sustainable mobility
reduces pollution


   How it works


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[ui!] TRAFFIC working as traffic-information-App @ www.darmstadt.ui-traffic.de

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