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[ui!] ENERGY

Real-time energy and security management for districts and facilities.

ENERGYChallenges for Energy Management

„Energy generation takes place on people’s rooftops “
With new technologies such as photovoltaic (PV) plants, many house owners are becoming involved as energy producers.

Decentralized energy production: When energy is generated from renewable energies and on people’s rooftops, local energy networks face new challenge and potential dangers. [ui!]’s platform solutions creates the needed transparency between production and consumption.  The energy status of a single building becomes accessible in real-time.

[ui!] ENERGY Management

Intelligent load management for the control of local production and consumption: [ui!] makes it possible to use energy management’s flexibilities by controlling thee devices needed to influence the energy state.

[ui!] determines load flexibility with customer surveys - for households as well as for business. With transparent real time data, load distribution between different power stations (electricity, heat, gas ...) becomes possible. This opens up new market segments.

Holistic view of businesses, households: If households and businesses have easy access to their everyday energy production and consumption they can identify their "power guzzlers". Saving energy becomes easy and more comfortable.

Smart property management: With the right tool the energy management of a building and even a whole neighbourhood becomes possible. [ui!] connects various Smart Home devices, such as instrument for handling all energy values, alarm management, ticketing, documentation and functions of facility management.

Our goal is to use various devices and solutions to enable cross-site grid optimization for more sustainability and cost effectiveness.