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Public internet access as a basis for integrated urban infrastructures

Integration[ui!] INTEGRATION provides your city with WiFi mesh-routers in street furniture for wireless broadband communication and operates a public Wi-Fi infrastructure for cities. It provides an IoT network for your city assets (re-use & re-purpose) by connecting to the city platform.

The foundation for integrated infrastructures of a smart city entails the unrestricted communication solution based on the Internet Protocol (IP).
Added value through the usage of WiFi networks integrated with modern and intelligent street lighting provide security, save energy and create the foundation for the smart usage of data in your city. 

With this low-cost solution your city enables base services for other smart services such as [ui!] ENVIRONMENT or third party services. You can integrate existing and new urban sensors & devices for re-use and re-purposing of data and so you can offer a digital media platform to support advertising revenue.

With [ui!] INTEGRATION you enable your street lighting to become "Humble Lampposts" creating the digital transformation of your city.

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