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Climate data for citizens.

EnvironmentAir pollution and noise are among the key issues cities have to deal with. With our environmental sensors you can collect various environmental data and make them available through the [ui!] COCKPIT.

[ui!] ENVIRONMENT provides a fully integrated solution to manage the environment of your city. It uses low-cost multi-sensor node solutions (including WiFi, LTE networks), which can be rapidly deployed to existing street furniture. Transparency of your air data as the foundation of well-being and traffic planning.

[ui!] ENVIRONMENT supports you with the collection of real-time data through calibrated sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, pollutants (CO, CO2, O3, SO2) as well as fine dust and noise. The [ui!] UrbanPulse prepares rich statistical information on traffic, air pollution as well as light and provides these to support reposting and analysis. These information can then be used for further investigations like enhanced environmental data for sharing in open data portals or for commercial exploitation. This way, your city can avoid pollution threshold penalties by effective monitoring of legacy and new sensors & devices.

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