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Full electrical vehicles as mobility service to fleets.

CrossfleetElectro-mobility is expensive!?

This prejudice keeps corporate fleet managers hesitant. Our innovative business model of cross-fleet optimization using electric mobility as a service has already convinced a number of fleets to switch to EVs.
Drive e-mobile vehicles for the price of a conventional fleet vehicle and convince yourself, your employees and your customers that sustainable mobility is affordable. With a cross-fleet sharing of eCars and real-time monitoring, you can utilize and optimize the TCO per mile/km for your fleet.

In a first step, we analyze the specific demand of your fleet to start the transformation process of integrating eCars into your fleet. Then your employees test the eCars on a day-to-day basis which provides you the necessary information to decide about electrifying your fleet.

[ui!] CROSSFLEET allows the systematic integration of electric mobility into your existing fleet at comparable costs. Benefit from the advantages of electrical vehicles and new urban mobility services without any drawbacks and join the digital transformation of public and corporate fleets into sustainable urban transport.

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